Chapter 6

Entry 67

The Traveler is on the move. And they say it's coming here. To earth.

I didn't take the news of Titan's evacuation seriously enough. I should have. I should have listened to Helga and Yuki.

This is bigger than just me. It's about all of us.

If Project Niobe can help Humanity, then it's our duty to press forward with it.

Even if it means working closely with some unsavory types… sometimes that's the cost of protection.

It's only a matter of time now.


Entry 68

They are here. They are real.

I can't believe we were so… right.

…and so wrong. To think that we could stop this. To say we were naïve would be an understatement.

We simply didn't know. Their power. Their strength.

It's insurmountable.

As they draw closer, all we can do is hide and hope that the facility doors will be strong enough. It's utter chaos out there.

Too many put their faith in the Traveler. I don't know what sort of answers people expect from a gigantic ball in the sky. It remains silent, as always.

At least I'm with her. Being with family is what matters in the end.

There is no more hope.

Only the screams of humanity.