Chapter 11

Entry 108

Yuki… is dead. It didn't happen like I thought it would.

One of the men who had attacked us returned. This time with an offer. He wanted the Exo. He had seen what she was capable of back at the truck. How she turned our weapons into something even more deadly with nothing but her hands.

The Exo stood, willing to sacrifice herself for us.

I was horrified, but before I could say anything, Yuki lied and said she had the Obsidian Accelerator. That it was in her backpack.

The man approached her cautiously as she quickly looked at me. That one last look. The same one that had calmed me down so many times. She reached for the backpack as the man drew near.

The Exo grabbed me and gave me cover as the grenade exploded, shielding me from the flaming shrapnel. Then she helped me up and we ran. I looked back once.

The man's red drone was shining its terrible light about the carnage looking for its master.

He'll get up again. He knows what she can do.

He will be looking for us.

Yuki… I'm so sorry.


Entry 109

Three days later. Still numb. It's unbearable.

It's just me and her now.


Entry 110

She and I spent the night under the wing of a crashed jet. I realize now as I write this that I haven't seen a plane in the sky. Not once since we set out. This is not the world I knew.

Every time I look at her, I'm thinking about it. This is not the world I knew.