Chapter 10

Entry 104

Well, today was horrible.

We had some downtime, so Yuki wanted to test the Exo's new functionality. This was the entire purpose of the Exo in the first place. Project Niobe. Helga's great experiment to make our weapons more deadly through a sort of on-the-spot phase transition of the guns. In other words, a walking, talking forge.

Years ago, it was just an idea. Now, it's a reality. Seeing the Exo discover her ability was… well, thrilling. It was nice to feel something other than dread for a few minutes. And a few minutes was about all we got.

We were sloppy. While the Exo practiced using her ability, we were ambushed by… I don't even know what they were.

They were definitely not regular Humans. They had… abilities. That the rest of us don't. We took one down, we thought. But then his little red drone lit up and he was on his feet again.

We kept firing. They didn't expect to run into an armory on foot, so they ran.

But not before killing some of us and wounding Yuki.

She promises I'm still stuck with her, though. I'd be lost without her.


Entry 105

We traveled all night to put as much distance between us and our attacker as possible.
The Exo is carrying Yuki now. It's clear she doesn't have long.

She's asked me to leave her behind.

This family is all we have left. We will do no such thing.