Chapter 17

Entry 170

Last night, the peace of the refugee camp abruptly ended. Thunder and lightning reverberated in our ears. The people with drones fought a battle in the camp against other people with drones. She and I took this opportunity to escape by following the shoreline for a few miles.

I know why they're here. I recognized one of them. The man from before. The one with the red drone. The one who killed Yuki.

They are here for the Obsidian Accelerator. We have to leave.


Entry 171

We watched the camp burn from the cliffs. I saw the people with the drones fan out in all directions. I could follow the paths they cut through the darkness by the flickering of their drones' light.

There's no time for anything else, and despite her concerns, she has opened up to me.

I'm removing the Obsidian Accelerator and sending her down the road. They can come and get it from me. Not her.

This is likely goodbye…