Chapter 16

Entry 157

We've arrived at the shoreline. There's a small, organized camp here. Unfortunately, all that floats, and some things that don't, have already set to sea. There will be no boating away from Europe. Corsica is off the list for now.


Entry 158

I've had an anxiety attack. A woman with a drone has shown up at camp. She seems to be law and order here.

She made a point of being impressed with our charged Black Armory weapons. Does she have good taste, or does she know more than she lets on?

We can't take the risk. We'll have to leave soon.


Entry 159

Today some young children and their parents asked if Ada wouldn't mind holding their hands and talking to them. Apparently this is their first encounter with an Exo. She takes to them with ease. Makes them feel comfortable like it's nothing. Her innocence shines. She has such a good heart.

She enjoys playing with the children. She's quite good at "hide and seek," a skill I'm more than happy to let her hone. The children love her playfulness. There are two other Exos in this camp, and three of them have become fast friends.

Seeing her experience others makes me realize that she deserves to be free of me, but I can't resolve to let her go.