Chapter 1

…but there is no point in lingering on my restriction from front-line efforts. Rather, I am dedicating my efforts to the understanding of this peculiar force the Guardian has stumbled into.

It is unknown to our local hosts, so they have been of limited help. Green energy returns few helpful results in accessible Vanguard databases—there are some limited notes on Weapons of Sorrow, of course, and Hive magics have a distinctive yellowish-green hue, but the quality of the visible effect is different. As is, naturally, the effect.

But, all the same, it is not a power of the Light. Their Ghost was certain about that.

To sum up what is known:

• This power manifests with a specific symbol-set: green, thread or strings, knots. It is worth noting that there never seems to be a single thread, but rather a collection of them, whether in parallel or in tangle.

• This power carries an impressive capacity for destruction, but causes a sort of rebound or exhaustion, the nature of which is not fully clear. It has not yet appeared lethal to the self, but it is being wielded by a Guardian fully empowered. Lethality means little in that context if it does not strike the Ghost as well, which this does not.

• The Guardian is the only one who has wielded this power to date. One sample is insufficient to draw full conclusions about the capacity required in a wielder. We certainly know by now that no existing power of Light is required to use a power of Darkness, only willingness to participate in the required rituals…

• The Guardian reported a sense of connection, a perception of the greater whole. I include this as relevant, more than likely related to the concept of multiple strings.

• We do not yet know enough.

The enemies here on Neptune have put significant effort into inhibiting known paracausal powers. This new one may be precisely what is needed to gain an upper hand and keep it. But something uncontrolled and unknown, the nature of which is not yet fully understood, is unwise to wield indiscriminately.

I could return to someplace the source of this energy has been reported and seek to touch it myself, but… I hesitate. I do not know why.

Practical study via the Guardian first. Ontological and paracausal study once the current trouble has been dealt with.