Chapter 1


When first approached to enlist in your network of Hidden, I was reticent. I had placed my faith in others previously, and it led me to the most arduous period of my life. When I emerged, hardly anyone trusted me; rarely did others see value in me. Except you. You have always remained an ally, without my asking.

I am now asking. The Darkness's arrival ushers in a new age and, with it, the revelation of Stasis. We must seize this opportunity before it is too late. This Collapse now escalates—our enemies' agendas advance, and we are losing.

The Vanguard has played its part in bringing us to this stage, but Zavala is stalwart and far too stringent in his ways. He will never permit us to wield the Darkness in service of the Light. I know this journey into Darkness is dangerous and unprecedented. You and I know few have tried, and even fewer have lived. We will become the exception.

It is an audacious claim, surely uttered by easily corrupted fools, but it is one I intend to see through. I know what they are saying. They fear what I will become. Help me to assuage those fears. I am in control.

I have touched Darkness and have seen its plans for us. Do not trust it or its messages of peace and salvation. Stasis is not a gift; it is a tool. One that can be molded to fit our needs, and I have seen how to manipulate it for our gain. The surge of power can be overwhelming and tempting to give in to, but my will is strong and brighter than the darkest of nights. I have dug in, carved new paths, and found sinew reserves in myself long thought depleted.

We can win, Ikora. If we wield this tool correctly. We can prevent being overcome from attacks on all fronts. We can rid the world of Savathûn and the blight of the Hive. Consider that. Nothing will dare stand against us when we command the Dark and Light. You believed in Osiris's teachings of balance once. Do not tell me you falter now. I know you are wavering. This is an opportunity to find meaning and purpose the Vanguard hasn't provided. The foundations you've helped lay will provide stability, but they must be built upon.

I need you to help preserve the ideals we have been fighting for, now more than ever before. You can allay those opposed and convince them of our efforts. Be the bridge to usher in the misled. Stand with me. Together, we will achieve balance.