Chapter 3

My Queen,
Your absence during this time is distressing. I am certain the efforts on your front are not in vain, though I must inform you that our situation is evolving rapidly. Your guidance and support are greatly missed.

We have made substantial and irrevocable progress into our understanding of the Darkness. Its wants, desires, and needs become clearer each passing day. I have much to share with you, though I am concerned you will be displeased by the means with which we have obtained the information.

Before word reaches you that Eris Morn has been compromised, I will tell you myself: I am… fighting the Darkness using Darkness itself.

It is vital to me that you know beyond any doubt that I am of sound mind and body, and our agreement stands. While I use Darkness to combat it, my focus remains steady. I know there are threats far greater assailing us on all fronts. We must strike back in measure, and this is my part, my front. For left unchecked, Savathûn will become the greatest threat of them all.
When I encountered her last, she demeaned me, tried to use my friends against me and rob me of my strength. She has no idea how powerful I have become. I will see her end… firsthand.

I acknowledge there is great anger in me. I know the Darkness would sooner exploit my rage than grant me serenity. I will not dishonor our friendship with lies: It is hard to control my emotions. I feel the temptation to give in. I urge you not to condemn me. You know what I have seen. What I have been through. I am not one for reckless abandon. Though this may seem a last resort, I have unveiled a great potential for us all.

While I have received resistance from the Vanguard, more are joining our ranks. Soon, we will wield the power we need to stave off the odious minions of the Darkness permanently. Soon, the Witch Queen will feel my wrath. Soon, there will be peace.

I hope when you return, it is to a world without strife. For now, I ask that you continue to believe in me. Your support has remained a beacon in the most trying of times, and were it to extinguish, I fear what would ensnare me.

I am sure you are frightened and appalled by these developments, but I assure you this is for the greater good. While you may disapprove of my methods, know that the ends will justify the means.