Chapter 9


Discontent and skepticism permeate our allies and corrode our bonds. I am certain the rumors that circulate in the Tower have found their way to you: Eris Morn has been compromised, corrupted by the Darkness. You and I know that could not be further from reality. You have stood by me, and we have been empowered, enlightened, and vivified. We have struck a balance.

There is much that you are already aware of. You have seen how the Darkness does not seek to subjugate, as the Light does not. They are tools. They are choices. They are made to be commanded and controlled. This is clear now.

Along the path, you have been the only consistent allies worth trusting. I have my doubts about the Stranger and, similarly, the Drifter. If they fail us, or worse—attempt to deceive us—we will have to continue on without their support. I do not fear that possibility. As long as we are together, we will be unstoppable. We can recover what has been stolen from us and procure retribution for that which is irreparable.

We finally have control over the Darkness and can use it against those who seek to destroy us. All of us now have the means to persevere and win this war. Any Cabal insurrection will be thwarted before it's allowed to endanger. The Vex will be banished to some forgotten time. The Fallen will surrender, or perish. And what of Savathûn and her forces? They will bend until they break into decomposing pieces of refuse. Stasis provides an answer to where we have fallen short previously. Use this power, with me, to abolish our foes and prevent what our forbearers could not. The next Collapse is here, and we must abandon our previous misconceptions of right and wrong.

You are aware of the stakes, so I will leave you with a word of warning:

The new Collapse did not come from the Darkness alone. It comes from all around. It comes from within… and the assault has already begun.

This campaign is far from over, so there is much to prepare for. We will be the masters of our fates once more. I cannot wage this war alone. I need you. All of you. I know what I ask: for you to face the unknown. Use forces beyond our comprehension. This is a world of uncertainty, yet it remains clear—wielding the Darkness with righteous intent will be our true salvation. Will we unite?