Chapter 8

REP #: 045-VIP-1315
SUBJ: Leased space in the Annex

1. After several months of negotiation, the Vanguard has agreed to allow VIP #1315 to formally lease an unused warehouse space in the Annex of the new Tower. To be clear, this was the Vanguard's proposal, not his. Despite the many skeptics who have good questions about the social risk inherent in providing #1315 with a more legitimate space, we feel that any disruption of morale or Tower culture will be short-term and minimal. Likewise, we feel that he does not present any present danger to Tower or City inhabitants. We continue to work alongside Lord Shaxx to assess the long-term strategic value of #1315's Gambit.
I recognize that this decision will be unpopular with certain agents who have taken it upon themselves to investigate #1315's history and moral character.

Please remember that I sidelined myself from active duty in order to personally surveil his activities in the Tower, and that I kept guard outside his former place of business since his arrival. It is my belief that his presence will do more good than ill, and that the Tower has long stunted its own growth through narrow-minded fear and reactive exile of dissidents. We should endeavor to remain sharp skeptics of philosophies which differ from our own, but we should always be willing to hear and consider these philosophies.

Further: any concerned members of the Praxic Order should recall that the Vanguard holds jurisdiction over their actions, and that the exile of dissident philosophers is very different from the exile of rogue operators.