Chapter 7

Dear Traveler,

It's been so long since I talked to you, I had to reread my last letter to remember what I wrote. We've been here almost three months now. Everyone is tired. Especially Dad. He's been so busy with his "patients" that he even called off family dinners.

I make my own breakfast now. Though sometimes I wake up so late, I skip it. Remember that dream I told you about? I still haven't figured out the message and I've been having it every single night.

It always starts the same. I'm an Exo, standing in the middle of a frozen lake under a black sky and a white moon.

For some reason, I start jumping. Up and down. Over and over. Each time, I go a little higher and land a little harder. Sometimes I worry the ice might break, but then I hear a whisper. Saying I'll be okay even if it does. "I won't let you die before the interesting part."

As I jump, the whisper goes, "Higher, higher!"

Or maybe it says, "Closer, closer!"

Maybe it's both. Last night, I went so high, I almost left the atmosphere. From there, I could see that the moon was you, hovering above Io. I reached up to break away from gravity and fly to you, but then a different voice yelled, "You're acting so selfish!"

Which is when I woke up and heard Dad and Papa fighting…