Chapter 3

Dear Traveler,

We've been here a week now, and so far, Eventide is pretty boring. Because of the snow and the danger from bad ions in the air, almost the whole colony is packed into this one underground building. The only people that get to go outside without special permission are the maintenance people and the Exos.

Oh, right! I can't believe I didn't talk about the Exos! They did it, Clovis Bray and Papa and all the BrayTech scientists made real walking, talking, human-shaped AIs!

I even got to see one when Papa was giving us a tour of the colony! It looked so cool and shiny. It even had these awesome glow-lights for eyes! I wanted to talk to it, but Dad said I couldn't be trusted not to ask too many questions, so he went over on his own. Papa told me that's why Dad is here: to talk to the Exos and analyze their "human-ness."

He also said he thinks I can be trusted, especially when it comes to keeping my excitement to myself. Some people are scared of the Exos. Which I don't get. How can anyone be anything but amazed by them?

Papa laughed when I asked him that. "You're like me. Always seeking out the new and interesting. We forget to fear what we don't know."

But he didn't laugh long before he got serious. "Sometimes that can get us into trouble. That's why we have people like Dad to balance us out."

That's when Dad came back, looking kinda worried. He wouldn't tell us anything because of "doctor-patient confidentiality." Which is annoying. That's what he always says! Except this time it doesn't make sense because they're not real patients.

Before I could point that out, Papa asked if I wanted to peek inside the factory. Which, of course, I did. So we went around to the loading bay to look. I couldn't see much, but it was still cool.

This is all supposed to be secret, but I think it's okay if I tell you. You're the reason we can do all this, after all.

Your friend,