Chapter 11

"He wants to join us," Timur said to Radegast. Felwinter stood next to him, silent, unreadable. Unlike other Exos Radegast had seen, he didn't seem to have any emotion mods beyond the factory setting defaults. It was unnerving.

Radegast tipped his chin to Felwinter. "Timur says you have an interest in the Golden Age."

"In the Warmind," Timur said. "Rasputin."

Felwinter said nothing.

"What brought you to us?" Radegast asked.

Felwinter glanced at Timur, and then back at Radegast. "Your friend here told me about the nanotech you're looking for. SIVA?" He paused. "It sounds too good to be true. But I want to help you find it."

Radegast studied him, and then finally nodded. "Any civilians on your mountain?"

"A little settlement at the bottom."

"We think the mountain would make a good place for our base of operations."

"Funny," Felwinter said without any trace of humor. "I said the same thing to myself, years ago."

Radegast snorted. "So? Would you give up the peak for the cause?"

"If I do, do my people get the protection of the Iron Lords?"

Timur slapped Felwinter on the back—a giant hand hitting an immovable object—and Radegast smiled, just a little. "Let me take you to Saladin," he said. "He'll tell you about the City."