“Pass me those lanterns, would you?” Eva said. “And that wrapping paper. There’s so much left to do.”

“They drive their Sparrows on the edge of the abyss, not looking at that Darkness... laughing....”

“Laughter can be better than food. We must make time to celebrate, even when we are surrounded by Darkness. Or we lose hope. And hope is important: it brings us together and keeps us marching through the freezing cold.”

“So much pretending, Eva. I can’t pretend. Those days are gone.”

“Do you think I spent a week coaxing Ikora into making the Dawning Crystal just to pretend? Who will save us from the Darkness? The despairing Guardian or the joyful one? Love and joy, Eris—that will save us. This is how I show my love.”

“Then I wish you a happy Dawning, Eva.”

“I wish that for all of us.”