- Tess Everis
Tess Everis is always on the lookout for new opportunities. So when she crossed paths with the infamously eccentric artist, designer, explorer and Guardian who became known as Fenchurch Everis, Tess knew an opportunity when she saw it.

He brings the creative flair: roving the planetary wastes, gathering rare antiquities, crafting vibrantly new pieces, sharing new customs and techniques. She handles everything else, from business to marketing to managing the often-wayward talent.

Tess brokers Fenchurch's unique finds and offerings to Guardians of the Tower under the banner of the
"Eververse Trading Co." Dealing exclusively in a rare Awoken crypto-currency called "Silver", Eververse is the first major merchant in the City that is unapologetically dedicated to style above substance. In a society wracked by near-constant war, Tess believes beauty for beauty's sake is a revolutionary idea.