“Another Prime, destroyed. Once sources of life, Light. Hope. Now a sign of decay. Machines as gods.

Conspire with Kells. Conspire to kill, to conquer, to control.

This will not end. There will always be new Kell. There will always be new Prime, yes?

Skolas was savage. Skolas was cruel. Skolas was ... right. Only Kell of Kells can end the slaughter. Only Kell of Kells can unite the Houses.

Petra has given House Judgement a great gift. Variks now speaks for Crows. Crows fly on black wings, find what House Judgment needs found.

House Judgement and the Reef are allies. Petra is a friend. The Crows will do as Petra needs. But they will also search for Variks, yes? They will find that which is lost.

The Crows will find the Kell of Kells. Then Banners will rise as one. And Eliksni will stand together. Forever.”