ammunition of rich makes, quantity adequate to incinerate 6X6 foe

11 operational weapons, alien design, suitable for salvage

3 explosive charges of obvious design, suitable for salvage

1 cabal fusion reactor, disabled but perhaps repairable

61 machines, alien, inoperable, unknown significances

13 alien machines, inoperable, known significances

3 glints

7 herealways

1103 twists of essence

15 human body parts, kept for study, scorn

55 human adornments, full of glory and warm memory, worth the cost of their acquisition and more so

some ether, quantity negligible

considerable experience in battle

4 dregs dead, rendering House of Winter weaker

1 dreg honoring self and House, leading to consideration of fabricated arms

1 disabled Fallen skiff, scrubbed of House identity and stories

1 Fallen story found beside the disabled skiff, unknown House, partly corrupted, rendered as follows:

what others call dark which is not I know what it is but no time room calm given for an appropriate telling so I say only that what is not shadow is an ally and a wonder and I respect what I cannot steal from and you cannot take from the dark you can claim only pain from the dark and that is why the dark is worthy of love beyond all other love that astonishing ability to evade being robbed

I love what I will not name

1 story, Fallen and found beneath the skiff, unknown House, story uncorrupted

subsequently the second recording has been washed away

operator error

I know what no one else knows and now I am a marvel with ten thousand arms